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Mini Graveyard Centerpiece

Mini Graveyard Centerpiece

Halloween really is the beginning of the holiday season. As the weather starts to bring a bite to the air our thoughts turn to entertaining our friends, neighbors, and families.

Halloween is a wonderful start to the party season as it is time to let your imagination run wild. Your home is your canvas and stage, and creating a spooktacular display is rewarded by the oohs and awes passing by your front door…and, drawing them near on that fateful night.

This year I thought it would be fun to set up a spooky scene for my kids and the neighbors to visit. The kids will have to go through a dark back gate to reach the ghostly scene to locate the treasure trove of candy. I’ll use battery-powered tea lights in paper bags with small pumpkin-shaped cut-outs to provide a soft light for safety along the pathway.

Once inside, my focal point for this year’s eerie event is a miniature grave yard. A quick stop at a nearby nursery or pilfering in your own garden shed will be enough to make this for your table.

Here’s what you need:

  • Hollowed out log (can also use a black long rectangular planter, or spray paint a basket you may own)
  • 1-small bag of black rocks about 1-2″ high
  • 1-white nail polish or paint pen
  • Small dark green plants (better if you have some with red or dark green/black streaks in the leaves)
  • Any kind of Halloween figure, i.e., ghost, skeleton…
  • Candles
  • Black construction paper
  • Bag of brown moss


    1. Take dirt from plants and fill up the log (if using a basket, you may want to line it with some plastic or foil to keep dirt from coming through cracks)
    2. Add plants at either end of log or basket
    3. Add the moss and thin it out to dangle down around the top of the container
    4. Add Halloween creature (remember to add dirt around it so it looks as though it has just come out of the ground)
    5. Cut construction paper to appropriate size to use as “tombstones”
    6. Use nail/paint pen to write on the “tombstones.” Be as creative as you can. Think of funny names and dates. RIP is always a winner, and some other examples: Otta B. Alive, Ima Gonner, Barry Dalive, Izzy Dead
    7. Wrap candles in black construction paper. Tear the paper to give it a ragged edge. *Make sure paper is low enough to not catch fire (might also use electric candles)

Add any dead leaves, stones or moss add to the ghoulish scene
This creepy, but cute centerpiece will certainly set the scene for your spooky evening. Add some yummy sweets and snacks around, and you’ve created all you need for the tricks and treats of this holiday!