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Dual Bath Salts (Matcha Mint/Lavender Citrus)

Dual Bath Salts (Matcha Mint/Lavender Citrus)


Our Dual Bath Fizz Set is an exclusive collaboration item with YUZU SOAP, a San Francisco Bay Area based small business specializing in handcrafted bath/body products made in small batches using premium ingredients including plant-based oils, rich butters, pure yuzu juice and essential oils.
This dual bath salt set allows you to customize your bath experience with your own blend of scents and usage amounts. The concentrated bath salt blend is rich in minerals, vitamins and essential oils. Bath salts are known to relieve stress, eliminate toxins and hydrate the skin. Our salt blend is all natural and includes Epsom Salts and Sea Salts
Indulge using the Lavender Citrus salts featuring a tangy, citrus blend with a hint of floral. Detoxify with our refreshing Matcha Mint blend of eucalyptus and peppermint.
The set includes a gilded wooden spoon designed by esselle, two glass jars, a bamboo tray and 12 oz. of bath salts.
TIP: Reuse the glass jars as storage or spice jars, and the wooden spoon as a coffee spoon!
Directions: Fill your bathtub with warm water. Add as little or as much bath salts as desired. Recommended amount is approximately 6 spoonfuls (e.g. add 5 parts Orange and 1 part Lavender for a refreshing bath with a subtle floral hint).
Net weight: 10 oz.
Packaged Dimensions: 7.25’’ (L) x 4.50’’ (H) x 3.75’’ (D).